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Our quick-dry microfiber isolation gown is designed with minimal seams to reduce the penetration of liquids, and increase the gown's durability.

The breathable isolation gown fabric meets Level 2 requirements, provides coolness and comfort, and features carbon fibers that reduce static build-up.

In addition, our isolation gown’s reversible style ensures practicality, and its stain-resistant properties reduce costly re-washing. Also, the gown features a unique wrap-around design for enhanced coverage.

Tested and Approved by the Government of Canada

Our level 2 fabric is suitable for situations involving low amounts of fluid or low risk of sprays.

Fabric meets Level 2 requirements

Government-tested and approved

Guaranteed for

75 washes

One-size-fits-all & reversible

Breathable for coolness and comfort

Wrap around design for full coverage

Washable / reduces environmental footprint

The MIP Cost Advantage

1 Disposable Isolation Gown
Avg Cost $4.00 each
One-time Use
1 MIP Reusable Isolation Gown
$11.49* each Only $0.15
per gown

*Unit price when ordering a pack of 24 units
Lasts for
75 WashesSave $3.85 per gown

Our reusable Safetex self-opening laundry bag is intended for the collection of soiled and infected linen and apparel.

Ideal for personal use or those working in essential frontline industries, our laundry bag's self-opening feature minimizes the product's manipulation, preventing exposure to infectious linen and apparel prior to being washed.

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Trusted by Health Professionals in Top Hospitals and Medical Clinics

MIP’s reusable isolation gowns are quality made right down to the quick-dry cuffs. We have had to wash and dry these gowns numerous times and the quality and durability has served us well compared to alternative reusable gowns we had available to us. In addition, the MIP reusable gown is cooler and more generous in size when compared to disposable gowns.

Jodi Dunn Residence Manager – Hospice Peterborough

We have very, very quickly recouped our initial investment in MIP gowns, even more so in a supply chain environment where disposables can seemingly double in price within a week of ordering!

Dr. Chris Bryant Sooke, B.C.

MIPs reusable isolation gown has great coverage with long arms to fit bigger individuals and wraps around the whole body offering more protection than some other gowns. Staff like these gowns as they are not as hot and heavy compared to other gowns being used.

Barb Cockwell Manager of Environmental and Linen Services – West Parry Sound Health Centre

MIP offers a reliable reusable Level 2 Isolation gown. The quick dry cuffs, and wraparound design are desired by our front line health care workers and our laundry process staff.

Katrina Barnes Contracted Services Calgary

The MIP reusable ISO gown has been great for our staff. They are able to wear them all day as they are breathable and very comfortable. The full wrap around design makes it very easy to take on and off in between patients throughout the day.

Shelly Owner Endearing Smiles, Calgary

Environmental Services staff prefer the use of this Reusable gown as the design provides a universal and comfortable fit for all. 

Lorilyn Dockery Manager, Health Sciences North

Today, the MIP group sells its products in Canada, the United States and internationally in more than 27 countries!

We have offices and facilities in Europe with MIP Europe GMBH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Med-I-Pant UK Ltd. (MIP UK) in the United Kingdom and serve many of the other European countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

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